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Version 12.0 Beta

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Why is Version 12 a Beta Version?
The Constructed Waterway Designer is a new tool developed by Integrity Software for designing and analysing waterways through new developments. It vastly simplifies the process of determining the dimensions required for a waterway to carry a low flow (e.g. a 3 month flow) in its Low Flow Channel and a high flow (e.g. a 1% flow) in the Main Waterway, including a user-specified freeboard. The shear stresses on the cross-section can be checked and, if too high, the cross-section can be adjusted quickly and the new shear stresses checked.

Integrity Software has obtained agreement from Melbourne Water and HEC-RAS experts that the mean shear stress obtained from du Boys’ equation must be factored up in order to estimate the maximum shear stresses on a cross-section. PC-Convey V12.0B factors the mean shear stresses up using relationships from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s Design of Roadside Channels with Flexible Linings (2005). (A great deal more information on shear stress within PC-Convey V12.0B can be found by searching for “shear” (without the quotation marks) in Help\PC-Convey Help – Index and selecting one of the three topics there.)

Extensive testing of the shear stress calculations in the new version of PC-Convey has been undertaken, particularly for constructed waterway cross-sections, which is what these calculations were mainly introduced for, however the software will provide shear stress results for any cross-section and it is not feasible to test all possible cross-sections.

Consequently this Beta version is being released to gather feedback from the industry over a 6 month period, after which time the final V12.0 will be released, incorporating that feedback where necessary. Customers with a current AMA will receive the next version as part of the AMA.

Please provide any feedback on the new (or any) features of the software, including any issues you discover.
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