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The latest version of PC-Convey ...

  • has been used daily by Melbourne Water, one of Australia's foremost Water Authorities, as a primary flood-level calculation tool for 25 years and has been used by Land Development Engineers, Consultants and Councils for 20 years,

  • has been written specifically to simplify the design and analysis of single, unobstructed open channels of any shape, with varying Manning's n,

  • includes shear stress calculations, both unfactored as calculated by HEC-RAS and factored,

  • includes a Constructed Waterway Designer to vastly simplify the design of these waterways,

  • includes 4 Input Modes to simplify data input,

  • includes the ability to create and load Templates - for example of standard roads,

  • includes detailed "Windows-style" Help,

  • can be used for cross-sections incorporating levees,

  • can be used for cross-sections with different grades for the Main Channel and the Left and Right Overbank Areas,

  • includes a feature to view/print the freeboard for a cross-section,

  • includes the ability to save Rating Tables to a .txt file,

  • includes weir flow calculation,

  • can easily import cross-section data in (chainage, elevation) format from, for example, spreadsheets, notepad or Hec-Ras,

  • can easily import data via a .csv file,

  • can estimate safety risk values of velocity x depth (average and maximum) in overbank areas and the main channel,

  • has powerful editing tools which enable you to quickly alter the dimensions or Manning's n values of your cross-section and see the change in the discharge, velocity etc.          

  • can output results to a text file for importing into a spreadsheet program for preparation of rating curves, graphs etc.

  • includes a pipe flow calculator to estimate pipe capacities and print rating tables,

  • can combine PC-Convey cross-sections in a format that can be easily imported into Hec-Ras,

  • can be used in any situation with free tailwater conditions and steady flow where the use of Manning's equation is appropriate,

  • provides quality printouts of data and results (including a graph of the cross-section),

  • reduces errors by having the software carry out calculations for you,

  • saves money by increasing productivity (fast and easy to design, analyse and edit cross-sections),

  • has been written by a Civil Engineer with over 30 years experience in hydrology/hydraulics, drainage design and analysis and modelling.

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