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Input .csv file data

Products > PC- Convey > Guided Tour

After selecting this option from the Control Panel you will see the Import csv data screen:

1. Browse to locate the .csv file. You can then view the file to check its format (2 above):

2. Specify the number of columns of data in the .csv file (reference number 3 above - 5 columns for this example).

3. Specify which column contains the Chainage data (reference number 4 above - Chainage data is in column 1 for this example).

4. Specify which column contains the Elevation data (reference number 5 above - Elevation data is in column 2 for this example).

5. Specify whether or not the .csv file has a Header row (reference number 6 above - this data DOES have a Header row -
"Distance","Value","XLoc" etc. ) then click on 'OK' to load the file.

After clicking on "OK - Load file" you will be prompted to enter other data such as cross-section grade, discharge information and Manning's n value(s).

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