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Our intention is to not have 28 pages that you have to read (or ignore and just hope that there is no 'fine print') before dealing with us.

Products offered by Integrity Software are offered in good faith that both the purchaser and Integrity Software will act responsibly, fairly and within the law.

If you order the software, you must pay for it, and we must provide a License to use it. You can download a demo version to make sure that it will run on your PC or network before committing to purchase.

You must not partially or fully reverse-engineer the software nor ask nor allow anyone else to.

It is up to those you allow to use the software to check (i) whether the software is appropriate to use in a given situation and (ii) the interpretation and use of any results obtained.

By using the software you agree to be fully responsible for, and to fully indemnify Integrity Software against, all claims, liability, losses, costs and expenses arising from your use of the software and/or anyone using the software for you.

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