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PC-Convey upgrade history

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This page provides a summary of when PC-Convey features were introduced.

VERSION 12.10B (May 2018) Download a demo version here or purchase it here
- Default batter slopes and freeboard can now be set for the Constructed Waterway Designer
- Clarification in Help of shear stress waterway definitions
- "Definition of Waterway Terms" diagram available from the "View" menu of the Control Panel
- Shear Stress Results form now says "Low Flow Channel / Bed Results" when the flow is at or below the top of the Low Flow Channel and "Main Channel" when the flow is above that level.
- Printouts report High Flow Channel, Main/Low Flow Channel in line with the above
- Improved placement of Freeboard text on print-outs
- Adding Points to the end of a cross-section:
- when adding a Point to the left-hand end of a cross-section the Manning's n value of the new Segment is initially set to the value of the new Segment 2, and
- when adding a Point to the right-hand end of a cross-section the Manning's n value of the new Segment is initially set to the value of the new second-last Segment.
- Improved messages
- Changes to Help to reflect the above
- File name is now shown on the Constructed Waterway Designer
- PC-Convey reports results at a minimum of 0.01 m increments. Consequently freeboard is now shown to 2 decimal places instead of 3
- Minor bug fixes:
- Problem printing full water surface for some large Calculation Increments
- Problem printing extremely shallow cross-sections
- "Un-maximising" of the Shear Stress Results screen didn't show the full width of the form
- Table of Results occasionally didn't initially show the correct grade, but was correct if the grade was changed
- Now targets .NET Framework 4.5.1

VERSION 12.05B (July 2017) Download a demo version here or purchase it here
- Additional information and improved functionality on the use of grades in PC-Convey now that it is possible to have one grade for the Low Flow Channel and a different grade for the Main Waterway

VERSION 12.04B Not widely distributed

VERSION 12.03B (May 2017)
- Reinstates the ability to select printers, pdf etc.

VERSION 12.02B (April 2017)
- Improvements to Side shear stress factors

VERSION 12.01B (March 2017)
- File names starting with a letter and two numbers couldn't be loaded - fixed

VERSION 12.0B (March 2017)
- Constructed Waterway Designer introduced
- Shear Stress analysis added
- Tip of the Day added
- Upstream water surface elevation calculations added - U/S WSEL is calculated from D/S WSEL, discharge and distance)
- Water surface top width added to Weir results
- Frequently Asked Questions section added to Help
- Help updated
- Entry of Registration Code simplified - can now be pasted in directly rather than in 3 sections
- The Table of Results sometimes didn't set the Table value to the value necessary to carry the Required flow - fixed
- When setting XS scale to 1:1 in Edit Screen then Cancelling and selecting Edit XS or View XS, graph was the wrong scale - fixed
- When editing a cross-section, showing the grid resulted in the blue Edit Point and Edit Segment disappearing - fixed
- Many Information/Error messages contain more useful information
- Rounding error fixed that occasionally resulted in an incorrect 'XS can't carry discharge' message
- Improvements to the installation process
- Edit Screen movement buttons disabled when inactive

VERSION 11.00 (December 2014)

- Program updated to Visual Studio 2013 to take advantage of improved programming language
- Support for 96 and 120 DPI resolutions
- Weir "Output to File" added
- Grid added to Cross-section graph
- Improvements to positioning of Freeboard text, including upper and lower limits
- Mouse scroll wheel now works on Table of Results
- Positioning of screens when non-maximised improved
- When forms above Graph are moved, Graph moves too
- Help updated
- Improvements to some Tool Tips
- Operation of ENTER and ESCAPE keys improved

VERSION 10.00 (August 2013)

- Levee analysis added
- Multiple grade analysis added
- Freeboard can be shown on Overbank Results and Table of Results screens (and printed out)
- Some options previously only available on the drop-down menus have been added to the Control Panel
- Bug that occasionally occurred after printing the Table of Results has been fixed

VERSION 9.00 (August 2012)
- Additional Input Modes added
- Templates added
- Detailed "Windows-style" Help included in program
- Pipe flow Rating Tables can be saved to a text file

VERSION 8.00 (August 2011)
- Broad-crested weir calculation added
- Number of Points in a Cross-section increased from 200 - now only limited by PC memory
- Ability to change Manning's n of Lid added
- Additional right-click Manning's n values added to a number of relevant screens

- +100 and -100 Movement buttons added to TOB Marker and Edit Screens to facilitate larger files

- Main Menu renamed Control Panel
- New Preferences set-up
- Print-out heading in Pipe Flow Calculator Rating Table improved
- Pipe Flow Calculator Rating Table now includes comment from Discharge Info screen, not Project
- On Discharge Information screen, for 'No pipe', Rating Table button is now disabled
- 'Copy to Clipboard' added to 'About' screen to enable copying of Installation Code
- Problem with display of Safety Risk Warning fixed
- Problem with changing lines per page on print-outs fixed

VERSION 7.22 (April 2009)

- Discharge information screen sizing issue fixed

VERSION 7.21 (March 2009)

- Main Menu showed PC-Culvert Menu - fixed

VERSION 7.20 (February 2009)

- View/print pipe flow rating table added to Discharge Information form

VERSION 7.10 (January 2009)

- Operates on Vista
- Load Existing Cross-section (File Open) procedure updated to access My Documents and other standard folders
- Save Cross-section (File Save) procedure updated to access My Documents and other standard folders
- Installation improved so that existing customers don't have to re-register program for minor upgrades.
- Improvements made to re-sizing of forms when screen is not maximised.
- Standardisation of screens improved (colors, input boxes etc.)
- Setup\Printer option removed from Main Menu and Discharge Information screen
 (They are not required as this can be done when viewing or printing output)
- 'Common Dialogue' boxes removed (this change not visible to user)

VERSION 7.06 (March 2008)

- When changing from cumecs to litres/second, program wasn't immediately re-calculating Required Discharge - fixed
- When editing cross-section and not saving changes, previous pipe grade was not restored if a new pipe size was
 selected - fixed

VERSION 7.05 (Jan 2008)

- 'Exit Program' button re-added to Main Menu
- When loading non-PC-Convey file, program didn't return to Main Menu after giving warning - fixed
- When editing cross-section:
  Previously, Mannings n values could only be selected from the right-click (context) menu to either change all
  Manning's ns to the same value, or to change all Manning's ns from one value to another.
  Can now use this menu when increasing or decreasing all Manning's n values by a fixed amount
  On right-click (context) menu, 0.100 value added
  On right-click (context) menu, 0.060 value didn't work - fixed
- When operating in litres/second mode, editing cross-section and viewing Overbank Results, screen display was
  still in cumecs - fixed

VERSION 7.04 (August 2007)

- Enclosed Flow computation option added

VERSION 7.03 (January 2007)

- Now can't type letters into 'Alter all RLs' input box
- Improvements made to Information/Advice messages
- Problem with 'narrow cross-section' Information message fixed
- Top of Bank Markers can now be moved by 10 Points at a time as well as just 1
- Overbank Print-outs longer than 3 pages over-wrote footer on Page 3 - fixed
- 'Exit Program' button on Main Menu removed in preparation for PC-Culvert Menu format - use 'X' or 'File\Exit' instead
- When exiting program, additional checks done on whether grade or discharge has changed

VERSION 7.02 (September 2006)

- Program now recognises and disallows commas in File and Folder Names because they cause problems

VERSION 7.01 (August 2006)

- Table of Results print-out too wide on some printers when Split Flow occurs - fixed
- Drop-down menu disappears after accessing Setup\Printer from Main Menu - fixed
- Desktop Icon was default - now PC-Convey icon

VERSION 7 (July 2006)

- Upgrade to Visual Studio
- Ability to paste data from the clipboard in (chainage, elevation) format
- Introduction of Safety Risk thresholds for Depth, (Velocity x Depth) and Velocity. User can set the threshold
  values, and Overbank Output screen displays values in red when threshold is reached or exceeded
- Option added to increase or decrease all RL values simultaneously
- Option to write Output to File for subsequent manipulation (e.g. in a spreadsheet program)
- Option to have discharge units displayed in cumecs or litres per second
- Tooltips added to most buttons
- Print-Preview option
- Printouts improved (improved font, margin added, colour water surface and Top of Bank Markers)
- Further enhancements made to some error-handling routines
- Re-positioning of screens for non-maximised screens improved
- Option added to enable selection of start-up screen size
- Improved installation process
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

VERSION 6 (September 2004 - Beta Version)

- Upgrade to Visual Basic Version 6.0
- Program supports long file names and folder names
- Option added to enable suppression of folder path on print-outs
- User can now select default file extension from *.dat, *.con, *.pcc
- Background form no longer appears on taskbar
- Improved selection of Menu and Background colours
- Improved installation process
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

VERSION 5 (November 1998)

- Introduction of calculations using the average depth instead of only using the maximum depth
- Multiple Mannings n edit can select an overbank, the main channel or the entire cross-section
- Imperial mode now available
- Program BEEP can now be turned on and off
- On Edit Screen, if User presses Enter after altering RL or Chainage, data is checked and xs graph is updated if OK
- Contacts.dat file included to enable easy updating of contact details and download of current version from the internet
- Vertical placement of forms improved
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

VERSION 4 (July 1998)

- Pipeflow Calculator
- Right-clicking on appropriate screens gives table of Mannings n values
- User-selectable Calculation Increment
- Multi-Point Move
- Multiple Mannings n Edit
- Undo Last
- Improved movement buttons on Edit screen
- Option available to record (and print) discharge information with cross-section data
- User can check discharges and other results while editing cross-section rather than having to return to the Main Menu
- Write Hec-Ras/Hec-2 readable files from PC-Convey cross-sections
- List of 10 most recently-used files now available from Main Menu
- Ability to create new folders from within program
- Ability to select Main Menu and text colours

VERSION 3 (May 1997)

- Calculation Increment now 0.05m rather than 0.1m
- Option to view cross-sections at 1:1 scale
- Edit Point and Edit Segment now shown on screen
- Water surface level now shown on cross-sections on screen and print-outs
- Ability to associate *.dat files with PC-Convey
- Ability to set-up printer from within program
- Error-handling routine improved
- Save As ... feature
- Ability to change default folder for saving cross-section files
- Program prompts to save after grade change
- Ability to select Main Menu colour
- Current data file and folder listed on Main Menu screen
- Additional Editing improvements
- Program makes better estimate of new Top of Bank Markers after addition or deletion of cross-section Point
- Formatting of WSEL on Overbank Results screen improved
- Pull-down menus
- Overbank Output screen units changed from m2/s to cumecs/m
- Other minor improvements

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